"We offer a wide range of advice services in the provinces of Girona and Barcelona oriented for companies as well as self-employed and individuals, always anticipating their needs."

As professionals in the advisory sector, we provide tax consultancy services, legal advisory, accounting, labor and financial advice, as well as management of administrative tasks.

Our objective as business consultants, freelancers and individuals is to provide solutions to the different situations of our customers. The advice is an essential task to guarantee the continuity and sustainability of any business activity as well as the management of particular subjects. That is why, with Calders Economistes’ advising services, you will find continuous and specialized support.

Advice for companies

Thanks to our experience in multiple sectors, our team of advisors will offer your knowledge and advice at all levels to grow your company. With specialists in labor and tax advice, legal and financial advice, we can respond to all situations facing your business and anticipate future difficulties.

Advice for self-employed workers

The self-employed tend to need the figure of a trusted advisor to basically carry out their taxation. These tasks are not more than a small point to cover by the figure of the self-emplyed worker. But throughout his professional career he will also need a specialist to promote the sustainable growth of his business and the organization of possible business structures. From Calders Economistes, we want to accompany you throughout your professional career.

Advice for individuals

The most common advice services requested by individuals are those of the presentation of their taxes. Calders Economists will find your personal advisor with whom you can also count when facing doubts or legal and labor situations. Our team of lawyers is at your disposal.

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