On January 14th, 2021, Royal Decree 901/2020, of October 13th, came into force. With it, equality plans for companies are regulated and Royal Decree 713/2010, of May 28, is modified.

Since March 2022, it is already mandatory to have an equality plan in companies with 50 to 100 workers. For companies with more than 100 workers, there were two more phases from March 7th, 2020.


equality plans for companies Girona


If your business does not yet have it, we remind you that at Calders Economistes we are specialists in preparing equality plans for companies. Comply with legal and labor obligations as soon as possible.

Count on our experts in development of equality plans for companies

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    What are equality plans?

    The objectives of equality plans for companies are to ensure effective equality within the company. Promoting gender equality is a government objective and equality plans are the basis for setting limits and promoting their compliance.

    The aim is to avoid discrimination based on gender, prevent and eradicate sexual harassment and promote equal opportunities, among other things.

    Therefore, the equality plans for companies are an ordered set of measures, adopted after making a diagnosis of the situation, aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men and eliminating discrimination based on gender in the company.

    Implementation process of an equality plan

    At Calders Economistes we carry out a first analysis of the situation to establish the current state of the company. According to the legislative criteria, we establish interviews with the area managers and then we establish the improvement and implementation objectives that will serve as a guide for the preparation of the equality plan of your company. The final protocol will be presented and analyzed between the Calders Economistes team and your company to clarify any doubts about the final plan and its implementation.

    Thanks to the professionals at Calders Economistes and our service for development of equality plans for companies, you will be able to comply with the law and promote equality at the roots of your company.