Does your business need an external audit with the maximum guarantees? At Calders Economistas we offer a complete audit for companies service through a rigorous and efficient approach. The experience of our advisors and specialization in countless sectors are our main advantages.

If your company has to do an account or financial audit, count on our auditors in Girona and Barcelona. We will give your audit project the highest priority and you will receive a personalized service based on the specific characteristics of your company.

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    What is the purpose of auditing a company?

    Basically, an audit is used to review the accounting and financial situation of a company. Sometimes, the interest in carrying out this accounting review will be their own and, other times, it will be motivated by external demands.

    All mercantile companies are obliged to audit their annual accounts, except for companies that are in at least two of these cases:

    • Companies that do not exceed 50 workers on average during the year.
    • Businesses in which the annual net amount does not exceed 5.7 million euros.
    • Companies that do not exceed 2.85 million euros in the total sum of asset items.

    In addition, the audit for companies must be carried out and signed by a professional external to the company and registered in the ROAC (Official Register of Account Auditors).

    Types of audits we perform

    At Calders we are specialists in audits for companies. Within our services we can do:

    • Annual accounts audits.
    • Limited audits of financial statements.
    • Economic reports: Analysis by type of companies and sectors to diagnose the situation of the company, company valuations, etc.
    • Expert reports.

    Contact our auditors in Girona and Barcelona. Learn first-hand how we can help your business.